Friday, 5 October 2012

PeopleSoft - rumours of my demise are greatly exagerated

For reasons I don't fully understand, it seems to open season on PeopleSoft amongst some commentators and analysts in the HR tech Industry.

Without getting too carried away, and accepting that the lifespan of Peoplesoft and similar systems is clearly finite; and that emerging technologies will replace many PeopleSoft installations, there is still a lot going on in PeopleSoft.

These are some recent tweets from the run up to Oracle World.

Over 14 million employees are served by PeopleSoft worldwide.

57 of the 2012 Fortune 100 are PeopleSoft customers.

PeopleSoft customers are in 54 countries worldwide.

Development of PeopleSoft isn't finished either - this is just one new thing.