Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Using setup manger to generate a GP task list

Setup Manager can be used to generate task lists for the configuration of modules or particular business processes.

This module replaced the old table loading sequences from v8.9 on.

Once generated, the task list identifies the task, menu navigation and any CI associated with the data load. It also has a hyperlink to the page where the data is entered and a place to record the task assignment, start finish dates, % complete and notes. There’s an option to download to Excel or in XML format too.

1. Need to ensure user profile has correct roles – only those with PTLT_PROJECT_MGR can create projects.

2. You can then create an implementation project – by product –

You can select products and untick any parts of the standard product setup you don’t need from the detail listing. When complete – save and click generate tasks.

This submits a job to process scheduler – when complete the “view setup tasks” button is available –

The results appear on a page with three tabs: