Wednesday, 7 September 2011

List of simple changes I would like to MyOracleSupport

Ability to change the main contact
Yes – MyOracleSupport really is MyOracleSupport – it won’t let me go.  This is 2011 – things change, people leave – it is nuts that we have to involve highly skilled Oracle support folks to do this menial task for us when we could do it ourselves.
E-mail notifications
The system sends an email to the main contact (even if they’ve left – see above) whenever an update is made to the SR.  Assuming they are still present, the person then has to log into MOS, go into the case and see what the update is.  My suggestion is to put the update in the e-mail notification to save time.
Also give me an option to turn off the nagging and nag e-mail about Oracle configuration.  I've been at more than one cleint who refuses to use this so stop whining and get over it, Oracle.
Cut down Logging process
In the years I’ve been logging SRs, the step where suggested solutions is offered has never offered anything remotely related to the problem, never mind a solution – either remove this or give us an option to turn it off
Make a description search of every customer’s SRs available
I realise that the full details of an SR are customer confidential, but if it was made clear that the initial description was in the public (or at least customer) domain, everyone would know where they stand and all customers could check if something similar (or that looks similar) has already been raised. (Whisper this bit) In any case, customer information is already shown in the bug data – it’s just not easy to search.  If I were a cynic (which of course I’m not) I might contend that Oracle doesn’t wish customers to know that other customers are reporting issues too.