Monday, 27 September 2010

Oracle UK User Group - Global Payroll

I attended (and presented at) a very valuable day today. The UK OUG has responded to requests from users of PeopleSoft Global Payroll in the UK to set up a special interest group for GP in the UK.

The event was well attended and aside from the usual suspects (like me) there were useful presentations and participation from customers. However much I can offer, I always feel customers can get more value from speaking to each other.

Some interesting stuff from Oracle - they are revamping the Court Order pages and processing in UK GP - but probably not for a while. I had a hand in the Court order provision and to be honest, it probably is due for a revisit. It's one of those things I'd have differently if I'd known what I know now. Oracle do know - so they are re-doing it. Otherwise, Oracle didn't have a huge amount to tell us except for some overall enhancements using the latest tools technology to provide more user-configurable dashboards and similar so a user role can be defined and have all transactions, reporting and the like appear in front of the user.